Sunday, 18 November 2012

Nickelodeon UK Release Sneak Peek of Brand New Nickelodeon Sleigh Ride Christmas Ident 2012!

Last night, during the premiere of the NView Christmas Special 2012, Nickelodeon UK & Ireland revealed a sneak peek of the brand new Nickelodeon Sleigh Ride Christmas Jingle 2012, which featured current Nick stars and upcoming Nick stars singing the popular Christmas song 'Jingle Bells'. The stars featured included stars of iCarly, Big Time Rush, Victorious, Supah Ninjas, Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures and some of the stars of the upcoming Nickelodeon show How To Rock, which will premiere in 2013 on Nick UK & Ireland! Below is a high quality streaming video of the Christmas Jingle on NView, with lyrics below. The full 1 minute and 30 seconds version will be shown from December 1st 2012, along with a brand new Nick Christmas logo, Christmas themed idents with all your favourite Nick & Nicktoons stars wishing Nickelodeon viewers a very happy Christmas, brand new Christmas bumpers, an Advent Calender event and much, much more. Make sure to tweet @NickUKHub with '#xmasonnick' and tell us what you're most excited for on Nick this December!

Jingle Bells music begins to play
Jerry Trainor (Spencer Shay): Come on, look out for Reindeers!
Matt Bennet (Robbie Shapiro): Here those kids, they're coming for you!
Dillon Lane (Bucket): Merry Christmas!
Leon Thomas III (Andre Harris): #And a happy new year!
Victoria Justice (Tori Vega): #Just hear those sleigh bells ding-a-ling, ring-ting, ting-a-ling too.
Miranda Cosgrove (Carly Shay): #Come on it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you!
Victoria Justice (Tori Vega): Oh, can I come?
Max Schneider (Zander Robbins): #Outside the snow is falling and friends are signing "Hoo-Hoo"!
Victorious Cast: Hoo-Hoo!
Jennette Mc Curdy (Sam Puckett): #Come on it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you!
Look at this weather, isn't it just dandy!
Cymphonique Miller (Kacey Simon): #Our cheeks are nice and rosy, and comfy, cosy are we!
Elizabeth Gillies (Jade West): #We're snuggled up together like to birds of a feather would be!
Ariana Grande (Cat Valentine): #Lets take that road before us and sing a chorus or two!
Leon Thomas III (Andre Harris): Come on it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you!

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