Monday, 18 February 2013

Nickelodeon UK & Ireland to Premiere Four Brand New iCarly Episodes in March 2013 including iGoodbye!

According to the new promo on Nickelodeon UK & Ireland for brand new iCarly, Nickelodeon UK & Ireland will premiere four brand new iCarly episodes and show an iRewind special, where every single iCarly  episode will be shown (presumably during the Easter school holidays), in March 2013, all leading up to the final iCarly episode "iGoodbye".

There is six iCarly episodes remaining to premiere in the UK & √Čire though, so it is believed that four will premiere in March, and two (most likely iShock America and iGoodbye) will premiere in April 2013, but this still has to be announced. The only confirmed episode according to the promo is the brand new iCarly episode "iFind Spencer Friends"

Below you can view an online streaming video of the promo

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