Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Nickelodeon UK & Ireland to Premiere Victorious & Marvin Marvin Series Finales in September 2013!

Nickelodeon UK & Ireland has announced the exciting news that Nick UK & Éire will begin to show brand new episodes of the hit show Victorious in September 2013, part of Autumn & Winter 2013 on Nick UK & Ireland! Five episodes will premiere, all leading up to the UK & Irish series finale of the show.

The brand new episodes to premiere will include "Brain Squeezers", "Star-Spangled Tori", "Victori-Yes" and more!

Nickelodeon UK & Ireland has also announced that Nick UK & Ireland will be premiering brand new episodes of the intergalactic show Marvin Marvin in September 2013, UK & Ireland series finale of the show, guest starring the boy band Big Time Rush!

The brand new episodes "Calm Palm", "Battle of the Bands", "Big Time Marvin" and more, are set to premiere throughout the month!

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