Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Nickelodeon UK & Ireland to Show Brand New Alien Surf Girls in January 2013!

According to the highlights page on the Irish site of SkyMedia, Nickelodeon UK & Ireland will premiere brand new episodes of the Australian show, Alien Surf Girls, in January 2013. Five episodes are remaining in the current first season so it is believed it will be shown in a premiere week format. Season 2 is currently being produced.

Warning, Nickelodeon UK & Ireland only advertised the last new episodes (which was a double premeire week in November 2012) on a slide trailer (the graphic that 'slides' onto the screen just before the ad breaks), and there were these have not been shown since December 1st 2012. This means it is possible that Nick UK & √Čire will not advertise the new episodes. Make sure to follow NickUKHub on Twitter. It will be tweeted when these new episodes will premiere. If you have an Apple device with the Twitter application installed, you can turn on notifications by going onto the NickUKHub profile. This way you will be alerted everytime there is a new tweet. Below is a list of the remaining episodes of the season that are believed to premiere.

Episode #22 - Connections
Episode #23 - Surf's Up
Episode #24 - Meltdown
Episode #25 - Investigation
Episode #26 (Season 1 Finale) - Flight

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