Sunday, 6 January 2013

UPDATE - Nickelodeon UK & Ireland's February 11th 2013 Premiere May Not be House of Anubis Season 3!

NickUKHub reported a while ago that Nickelodeon UK & Ireland were planning to premiere a new show or show regularly not shown on February 11th 2013, with them being either How To Rock or House of Anubis Season 3. It was believed that it would most likely House of Anubis for the following reasons:

  • House of Anubis is made in the UK, which means it should come here first. Nickelodeon USA premiered the show in early January, so it was (and still is) believed Nick UK & Ireland would show it sometime around the USA premiere.
  • Nickelodeon UK began to tweet about Nick UK & Éire showing House of Anubis in early January, and they would most likely not make fans wait 3/4 months. [View Tweet]
After extensive taught and research, it is now believed the show will not be House of Anubis and will most likely be another show. Here are some reasons it is believed it will be another show (How To Rock):
  • How To Rock premiered in February 2012, and the only show that took over a year to premiere in the past two/three years was Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures (and that was probably only because of the fact that it got cancelled in the USA).
  • It was announced in the N-View 2012 Christmas episode that Nickelodeon UK & Ireland would be showing How To Rock soon.
  • House of Anubis is not a new show, the only reason why Nick would put it as blank is if they were to title it as 'House of Anubis: The Reawakening', which is a low chance.
  • House of Anubis episodes in the USA are now being shown weekly, each episode an hour long. The blank spot in the schedule was only half an hour long, and was on every night of the week (Monday to Friday). 
  • For the three weeks that were able to be viewed, there was no blank spot for a possible block for Anubis Unlocked, or the Anubis Omnibus on weekends.
  • There is a low chance that Nick UK & Ireland would show it at 6:30pm or later.
As usual with these predictions, this could be completely wrong. The new show could be The Legend of Korra or another new show. But it is most likeable to be either House of Anubis Season 3 or How To Rock, as stated above.

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