Sunday, 12 August 2012

Nickelodeon UK & Ireland Release First Promo for Brand New iCarly!

Nickelodeon UK & Ireland released the first official promo for brand new episodes of iCarly premiering in September 2012, part of September 2012 on Nick UK & Ireland, on Sunday August 12th 2012 during an episode of Winx Club. According to the promo, from what NickUKHub could see, Nick UK & Ireland will be showing the episodes "iBalls", "iToe Fat Cake", "iBloop 2" and "iOpen a Restaurant". The episode "iApril Fools" may also be premiering as the secnes from 0:17 to 0:20 look like clips from that episode. The promo uses the new style promos that were designed by A1 Design for Nickelodeon UK's brand refresh.

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