Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Nickelodeon UK & Ireland to Show Brand New Victorious "The Worst Couple" on September 24th!

Nickelodeon UK & Ireland have announced in an email to NickUKHub that Nick UK & Ireland will not be showing the brand new Victorious special "Tori Goes Platinum" on Monday September 24th, but instead showing the episode "The Worst Couple" instead, with "Tori Goes Platinum" premiering later in the year.

WARNING! - The below text may contain spoilers of the upcoming Victorious episode "The Worst Couple" and future season 3 episodes.
NickUKHub pointed out to Nick UK & Ireland in a reply to the email that in the episode "The Worst Couple", the Hollywood Arts couple Beck Oliver and Jade West (known as "Bade" like how Carly and Freddie are now as "Creddie) break up. If Nick UK & Ireland showed the episode, they will still have to show the remaining episodes of Victorious Season 2 and the first two episodes of Season 3, where Beck and Jade are still together. This would cause confusion for some viewers, like how Nick UK & Ireland showed the brand new Big Time Rush episode "Big Time Break Up" in December 2011, then showed the episodes before that happened and after it happened, then finally showed the episode "Big Time Single". Nickelodeon UK & Ireland replied saying they would look into it and may change the episode that will premiere. Make sure to keep reading NickUKHub to find out if Nick UK & Ireland will change the episode and to find out more Nick UK & Ireland events!

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