Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Nickelodeon UK & Ireland Release Sneak Peek Clip of Brand New iCarly "iToe Fat Cakes"!

Nickelodeon UK & Ireland have released on the official Nick UK & Ireland website a special sneak peek clip of the brand new iCarly episode "iToe Fat Cakes" that will premiere Monday at 5:30pm, followed by a special preview of the brand new show Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures. In the special sneak peek, Carly (played by Miranda Cosgrove) is in a bath tub and is watching TV. On the TV she turns on "The Vintage Channel" where an old sitcom is being played. In the show, a women is in the bath tub and has her "big" toe stuck in the tap. Carly decides to test if a women can actually get her toe stuck in a tap. You'll have to watch the clip here to find out what happens! In the episode, an episode of Drake & Josh, also created by Dan Schneider, is played on the TV.

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