Saturday, 4 May 2013

Nickelodeon UK & Ireland May Premiere The Brand New Show "Wendell & Vinnie" Soon!

It is believed that Nickelodeon UK & Ireland will premiere the brand new Nickelodeon/Nick@Nite show sometime soon! Nick UK & Éire has recently posted a photo of the Wendell & Vinnie cast, with the logo of the show above the stars. The image can be viewed here.

Wendell & Vinnie was originally planned to be a show on Nickelodeon USA's night block "Nick@Nite" but was moved to Nickelodeon just before it premiered. Since it was planned for an older audience  it has been said to contain some inappropriate themes which might not be suitable for some of Nickelodeon's viewers. Nickelodeon UK & Ireland will most likely shown a warning for viewer discretion before it is shown (like the Australian show Dance Academy has), or Nickelodeon might decide to give it a later in the night showing time.

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