Saturday, 18 May 2013

Nickelodeon UK & Ireland to Premiere Brand New How to Rock Weekdays from May 20th 2013!

Nickelodeon UK & Ireland will be premiering the brand new show How To Rock on Monday May 12th 2013 at 5:00pm (6:00pm on Nick +1). Brand new episodes of the show will be shown weekday evenings at the same time, and re runs of episodes on weekend mornings at 11:30am (12:30am on Nick +1).

Below is a list of the episodes that will premiere and their dates!

  • Monday May 20th - "How to Rock Braces & Glasses" (Pilot Episode)
  • Tuesday May 21st - "How to Rock a Lunch Table"
  • Wednesday May 22nd - "How to Rock a Secret Agent"
  • Thursday May 23rd - "How to Rock a Music Video"
  • Friday May 24th - "How to Rock a Messy BET"
  • Monday May 27th - "How to Rock a Guest List"
  • Tuesday May 28th - "How to Rock a Statue"
  • Wednesday May 28th - "How to Rock a Prank"
  • Thursday May 29th - "How to Rock a Part-Time Job"
  • Friday May 30th - "How to Rock a Birthday Party"
  • Monday June 3rd - "How to Rock a Newscast"
  • Tuesday June 4th - "How to Rock a Basketball Team"
  • Wednesday June 5th - "How to Rock an Election"
  • Thursday June 6th - "How to Rock a Love Song"
  • Friday June 7th - "How to Rock a Uniform"
  • Monday June 10th - "How to Rock a Yearbook"
  • Tuesday June 11th - "How to Rock a School Sensation"
  • Wednesday June 12th - "How to Rock a Good Deed"
  • Thursday June 13th - "How to Rock Camping"
  • Friday June 14th - NONE
  • Monday June 17th - "How to Rock a Fashion Victim"
  • Tuesday June 18th - "How to Rock a Singing Telegram"
  • Wednesday June 19th - "How to Rock a Tennis Ball"
  • Thursday June 20th - "How to Rock Cee-Lo" (Part 1)
  • Friday June 21st - "How to Rock Cee-Lo" (Part 2)
  • Friday July 5th - "How to Rock Christmas"
A total of 24 episodes (counting both parts of "How to Rock Cee-Lo as one) will premiere during May 2013 and July 2013, leaving only the one festive episode left, "How to Rock Halloween" .

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